Saturday, January 30, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness :)

Thought I would blog a little tonight, sitting here snowed in with my girlies all snuggled up asleep on the couch and I'm still in awe of the most awesome random acts of kindness that anyone could ever imagine. I am a kind of person that wants to help everyone I can and expect nothing in return, and now I'm so glad that I am this person, because it does come back at some point in your lifetime and when you don't expect it at all WOW there it is!
Life has been a little crazy lately, everyday comes with a new change, a new opportunity to make the day great. I'm so thankful for those I have in my life and so thankful for many awesome clients.
So just a few words to say THANK YOU so much to you all for being so great and to Ben a dear friend aka long lost brother of mine, and one who has shown me that there are still great people out there who can and will do awesome little random acts of kindness :)

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woof nanny said...

People like Ben give everyone faith again. He was really kind to me also this year. I asked him if he was an angel. It's an amazing way to start the year.