Saturday, July 26, 2008

This is what I have been doing the last couple weeks...

Busy Busy Busy......... I had a few senior sessions, a toddler session, trash the dress session, so fun! Enjoy!!! :) This little girl is Anslee, she was so photogentic it blew my mind, she loved having her photos taken!!! and she is only 3!! lol SWEEEEEET!

I got to spend the day with little miss Presleigh too, such a sweet sweet girl!!!!!

Amanda Amanda Amanda, she was a hoot!!! So funny and was up for anything!!!! SO very easy to work with!!!! We had a blast with her modeling shoots, then especially with the TTD session! YAY my fav!

WOW ok alot has been going on so here goes......

Had my surgery, All went well, go back in Sept. to be put on the "MED" EEWW but it will be better than hurting I guess, but I the moment my doctor released me back out into the field, here I go...... lol so I have alot of catching up to do on posting lol! Here are a few photos from some weddings I had just gotten finished with right before surgery, so now ya know what I was doing during recovery (editing photos lol)

This is Karen and Brian, they had their wedding at the old mill at the Battlefield, talk about a beautiful setting!! The only thing we were facing well was, lighting bolts coming down all around us, and rain pouring so much that every step I took my shoes squished EEWW but by the time it was time for her to come walking down the field to meet her soon to be hubby the skies cleared and it was perfect! Sweet Couple!!!

I have had the honor of working with Anna and Graysen for a year now well since their engagement photos, and now their wedding, it was sooo beautiful!!! They chose to have it at the Baylor Chapel, which is just amazing if you have never been in there. But here are a few photos of their big day :)

This was my Fav Shot!!!!

Their wedding party was amazing!!!

You can see more of their wedding photos by going to my website at

Here are a few Sneak Peeks from Jeff and Venisha's Wedding, So looked amazing in white and with accented colors in red!!! Stay Tuned for more photos from their big day later :)