Sunday, March 1, 2009

Crystal Dawn Photography Has A New Home!

As many of you know I had a studio in Hixson which I shared space with a dear friend and fellow Photographer. This past month has not been the same and I have missed having a studio so bad, but was getting excited about getting back outdoors soon also :) As I just finished a awesome maternity shoot last week my assistant and I decided to go eat and where we ate I only not LOVED the food, I didnt know that our new studio would be ACROSS the street a couple days later! As we were backing out I looked up and saw this amazing beautiful building with all these windows (7 of them)and knew I had to have it, I wasnt gonna call, BUT did anyway just out of curiosity, well long story short, God doesnt make accidents happen, He had this shoot planned way before I did, he knew I would go to this place to eat, and he knew I would LOVE everything about this new exciting place!!! SO Lets not keep you guessing any longer........... lol! Our new home is in Ringgold!!!! YAY! Yeah maybe a little bit of a drive but its completely worth it :) So I am now accepting studio sessions again! Here are a couple photos Jess took with her point and shoot since I was too excited and couldnt remember I had my camera in the car LoL!
As soon as I get everything painted, setup, hungup, moved in (for the most part is done) and my new beautiful lit up sign is hung I will post some new photos :)

(Top left corner studio is mine)

(street park view)