Friday, August 22, 2008

Chattanooga Photographers Luncheon

It was awesome going to our local monthly Photographers Lunch! I had an amazing time getting to chat it up with some of the most amazing photographers in this entire area! They are all great, and its always awesome to be around people who like the same things you do and understand the same things when it comes to photography. Its an insane world out there, but its always fun to stop and take a break every now and then and relax with a few friends :) Thank you Melody for a great day out! Cant wait till the next month!!

We grabbed a group photo before we departed but i think a few escaped before so there are a few missing, maybe next time they will hang around ;)

Pictured are (front row first, left to right): Cristie Sims, Jennifer Meyer (with her daughter), little Miss Addison Holritz, Crystal Shirley(me), Shannon Atchley, Melody Hood, (back row, left to right) Amber Holritz, Nathan & Austen Holritz, Ty Miller and his gorgeous twins, Aaron Thomason, Marc Climie (standing), Mike Houston, and Joy, Garrett, and Graceyn Nudd.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I had a awesome shoot with little miss Sambo, we did a shoot so she could build onto her modeling port. and well needless to say, that girl just pops into any viewfinder! I mean WOW! Here are a few of my favorite shots, Her Mom Dawn is also a local Photographer who was also on the scene with us, she will be sending me some photos over as well of me working in progress lol! those should be interesting haha. But for now enjoy these beautiful BLUES :)

Seniors Seniors Seniors :)

I have been swamped with Senior Sessions, then again IM LOVIN IT! :) Now that school has started they are slowing down a little so now maybe I can get a little sleep haha but just wanted to share some of my fun photos :)

This is Ashlee, this was the first time she had worn heels and I must say the GIRL can strut her stuff!! hehe I would fall flat on my face haha.

This is Brandi, she was very shy, but soooo sweet and so cute had to share lol